Questions & Answers
Additional information for a better stay at Senhora do Rosário House.


For more information about Casa Senhora do Rosário, you can contact all the available contacts or questions. We ask for your understanding in order to wait for a response from us, during opening hours - working days from 9am until 6pm (AZOT).

At the moment of the confirmation of your stay, it will be send an email with the reservation's details.

Casa Senhora do Rosário offers extra beds and/or cots during your stay in the house. We want you to feel comfortable and not miss anything during your stay, we just ask you to provide this information as soon as you make your reservation for this email account

Casa Senhora do Rosário does not provide an airport transfer service, however if you want it, we ask you to request it 10 days before your reservation through our e-mail. There will be an extra increase in the value of your stay for the provision of this service, a trip (one way or the other) will cost 25€ and a round trip 50€.

At the moment, you cannot rent a car near Senhora do Rosário House. We advise you to rent a car as soon as you arrive in Ponta Delgada, either at the airport or in the city center. Visit our ANC Azores Holidays partners and discover the best and safest offer for car rental in São Miguel island, Azores.

Senhora do Rosário House has an outside area with an ashtray for smokers, limiting this area exclusively for smokers. Discover the rules of Casa Senhora do Rosário and enjoy a good stay.

To cancel your reservation, you can contact Senhora do Rosário House via e-mail and as soon as possible we will return your contact. We ask you to make the cancellation in due time for better management of this local accommodation, as well as, the positive return of your reservation..

In case of cancellation due to unexpected reasons and motives beyond your control, contact Senhora do Rosário House to resolve the issue of your reservation. A percentage of the money will be refunded, subject to the notice period up to the date of your reservation.

To change the dates of your reservation, contact Senhora do Rosário House by mail, and as soon as possible we respond to your request to change the dates of your reservation. To change dates for a high seasonthe difference of the amount of the stay must be paid. 

To request a change of check-in and check-out times, contact Senhora do Rosário House. All schedule changes and service requests must be made within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

Dates changing of your stay in Azores, due positive test for COVID-19, contact Senhora do Rosário House and you can make the changes free of charge. In case of cancellation, a refund of 75% of the value of your stay will be made.