Azorean Gastronomy

Furnas Village is also known for its best traditional snacks and has several places to try them. The best-known traditional cake is the famous Bolo Lêvedo, a cake that tastes good with everything, sweet or savory but be careful because you may run the risk of becoming addicted. Since 1970, Rosa Quental has played a fundamental role in the history of this product that characterizes Furnas. With daily production, the genuine Bolos Lêvedos Rosa Quental are always fresh and ready for consumption, whether for a visit or for those who want to buy to go. On Saturdays, in this place, the iconic Massa Sovada is also made. Being this a typical regional sweet from the Azores, that is present at the Festas do Espírito Santo, the confection of Massa Sovada is different from island to island, although the result turns out to be very similar.

Queijaria Furnense is one of the prominent places on the São Miguel island and is a place that you definitely have to go to, if you are a fan of regional cuisine. The Furnas Valley cheese, which has different characteristics and a unique flavor, was created by a 17 year old girl, born in this parish. This cheese has as main ingredients the milk of the family cows and the natural water full of minerals, born from the Furnas Volcano

Queijaria Furnense product has five varieties: half-cured, buttery, with oregano, thyme and garlic. The quality of the products is also associated with the beauty of the Furnas landscape.

Queijadas de Inhamefrom Furnas despite being the most recent traditional sweets from the parish (2014), already make everyone's with their mouth watering. Created by Paulo Mendonça Costa from Caldeiras e Vulcões Restaurant, we can say that this handcrafted snack with quality products is something you will have to try. These snacks are only sold in the two establishments of the company, Caldeiras Bar and Caldeiras e Vulcões Restaurant, if you want to order or ask any questions about the products you can contact this family restaurant at any time.

We are already delighted just to think about these traditional snacks from Furnas Village, enjoy and get to know Casa Senhora do Rosário which is located close to these gastronomic pleasures.

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