Furnas Restaurants

Regional cuisine is one of the best dishes for those visiting the Azores and in Furnas you can find the best traditional restaurants. As we would not expect the first suggestions that we will present on the menu the famous stew of Furnas:

Tony's Restaurant since 1984, prepares one of the most famous dishes on the island of São Miguel, the Cozido das Furnas. This dish is slowly cooked in pots buried in the ground, taking advantage of the heat from volcanic activity. To try this stew that has a unique and unforgettable flavor, we advise you to book a table in advance. To make the most of this gastronomic experience, watch this dishe getting ready in Caldeiras.

Miroma Restaurant is one of the restaurants that gives customers the opportunity to try the famous stew of Furnas. With more than 30 years at your disposal, this restaurant near the Caldeira das Furnas, also allows you the complete experience to taste the real stew. You can go along to the removal of the stew from the soil and wait for it to be served at your table. Being a very specific dish in its preparation and cooking, we advise you to make a reservation in advance.

Caldeiras e Vulcões Restaurant, rated with 4 stars on TripAdvisor, is one of the best restaurants in Furnas. In addition to also having the famous island stew on the menu, it presents a variety of options and also vegetarian options. For dessert, this restaurant also gives you the chance to try an exclusive and very differentiator sweet, that will leave you wanting for more, the Queijada de Inhame from the furnas. Know the menu of Caldeiras e Vulcões Restaurant and make your reservation.

For an even more exciting and truly Azorean experience, you can also adventure and make your own underground stew in Caldeira da Lagoa das Furnas. The value is symbolic (3 euros) and while waiting for your stew to be ready, you can enjoy and explore the activities of Furnas. Discover the ingredients and the preparation of this traditional dish with the recipe  that Azores Lovers prepared for you. As soon as you are ready, Casa Senhora do Rosário , which is 8 minutes by car, has all the necessary conditions to receive you and enjoy this special delicacy.

Fusion at Furnas

In Furnas you can find all kinds of experiences at your disposal, the refinement of serving you well through new concepts is one of them. There are two restaurants in this village that invite you to explore the flavors of the Azores through the infusion with modern cuisine. A real explosion of gastronomic flavors that resulted from a unique experience.

À Terra – Furnas Boutique Hotelis a meeting place for synergies between land and sea. All dishes on the menu are genuine and rustic, the products used are from local, organic and fresh producers, coming directly from the land and the Azorean sea. The cuisine is made in a genuine and rustic way, following the traditions of the Azores - you can also find the famous Furnas stew in this restaurant with very special products,yams and sweet potatoes, Santa Maria island sausage, cow's breast and vegetables from Bio Kairos.

Discover the menus and enjoy this restaurant.

Lichen by Ljubomir Stanisic  is an authentic restaurant by chef Ljubomir Stanisic in Furnas, Azores. Lichen is the chef special recipe in the Azores and is undoubtedly something to try. Before the meal, we advise you to visit the farm where most of the ingredients are used to prepare the dishes, always with the presence of Azorean flavors. The entire space and the surrounding decor of this restaurant is stunning and designed to enjoy the best gastronomic experience of refinement. 

Furnas is a village in Azores, São Miguel island, prepared and willing to welcome you. Come and discover these gastronomic pleasures.

Good appetite!

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