Furnas - What to do:

Furnas, in São Miguel island, is one of the essential places in the Azores archipelago because it is an encounter with nature in its purest state. The Furnas volcano is one of the three main volcanoes on the island and its caldera is the largest and oldest, when arriving at this wonderful place it is impossible to be indifferent to its beauty.

Although Furnas Valley conveys tranquility and peace, they are many activities available for a dream weekend in this parish, the simplest of all is really let yourself be enchanted by all the vibrant green that surrounds it, but there is much more to discover in each of its corners:

In Contact with Nature:

Poça da Dona Beija (2 minutes walk), with hot thermal waters from an iron spring, is a space for leisure and relaxation immersed in nature. This space is known for being a place of revitalization and restoration of harmony between body, mind and nature. 

At Poça da Dona Beija you can enjoy a very pleasant environment and try all the pools, each one of them guarantees a different experience. We advise you to go more at night to enjoy an idyllic and calm environment.

For more information on schedules and prices visit their website.

Parque Terra Nostra (5 minutes walk), is one of the best known attractions of the Azores because it is the combination of the best of both worlds, nature and thermal baths. This park has a memorable garden that brings together not only the endemic flora of the Azores, but also plants from different parts of the world where climates are totally different. In addition to the garden with two centuries of history, you will certainly be delighted to see the grand thermal water pool in the center of the park and the two smaller pools that look like natural jacuzzis. These thermal pools are the ideal way to reconnect with yourself and recharge your energy. 

For more information on this mandatory point of your itinerary in São Miguel, Azores, visit their website for general information.

Surrounded by an inexplicable nature, Lagoa das Furnas (15 minutes by car) is considered one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Azores. On the margins of this lagoon is made the famous dish of Vila das Furnas: Cozido das Furnas.  

To contemplate even more this indescribable beauty of Lagoa das Furnas, we advise you to go to  Pico do Ferro viewpoint (10 minutes by car). With a breathtaking view, this viewpoint is located at 570 meters above sea level and provides you a good moment of appreciation with nature.  

Vila das Furnas at night is undoubtedly different. There is a certain mystique to the streets, especially in the boiler area.Do not be intimidated by the sulfur smell emanating from fumaroles. In this area you will come across a dry setting that will remind you of the moon, but all surrounded by green - in the spring decorated with flowers, at Christmas illuminated and with a representation of the nativity scene. This is a very special setting, beautiful at any time of the day and at any time of the year.

As you may have noticed, Vale das Furnas is a very special place, which will leave you speechless with every step you take. Let yourself be surprised by all the beauty of this valley and you will leave this place with the energies fully recharged. 

Visit the Azores Lovers website and get to know the suggestion of a perfect itinerary to enjoy what this parish has to offer.

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