Azores - Safe Destination

The world is currently experiencing a great social challenge due to COVID-19, , however, the Azores guarantees that it is the safe destination for everyone.

In all the islands of the archipelago you can enjoy the activities that we have to offer and you only have to have a negative test to COVID-19. This way, while still respecting the safety rules, you will be able to feel safer during your stay and guarantee non-contamination for the other people around you.

The Azores government has implemented necessary measures since the beginning of this pandemic to guarantee tourism activity and safety for the entire community. 

The art of welcoming is one of the most valuable features of all the islands in the Azores and we want to guarantee that, even in these unstable times. 

To travel safely is to travel to the Azores. Visit the Destino Seguro  website to find out more about your trip. 

Casa Senhora do Rosário, in addition to belonging to this safe destination, is part of the Clean & Safe project that guarantees our guests a hygienic treatment to the house in force with the new cleaning standards. The Azores government, in conjunction with the sector's representative entities, has implemented the Clean & Safe Azores program in order to guarantee the necessary security in the scope of measures to combat the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

This guesthouse awaits you!  

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